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Handwritten notes DELIVER.


Have you ever thrown away a handwritten envelope?

Use our handwritten letter service for business or for major life events! Drive more referrals, increase revenues, and make an impression. Take care of your thank you note needs for your big milestones. Postage and time included, all for less than a Hallmark card!

Need a custom solution? Email us at support@thiscustomthanks.com for a quote.

How It Works

Select a style.

Once you've registered and bought note credits, quickly send a note from your dashboard by selecting your preferred style of card. Want to use your own stationery or include business cards? We can do that for a small additional charge!

You type it. We write it.

All of our notes are handwritten. No fonts, no machines, no leprechauns. Quality assured! Call us Santa, we're checking them twice.

Sit back and relax.

Once you set up a note, we'll make sure it’s posted within 3-5 days. Be ready to reap the benefits of happy customers and increased referrals. And Aunt Betty will know your manners are on point when she gets your thank you note so quickly!

This Custom Thanks Example
This Custom Thanks  Example
This Custom Thanks  Example
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We offer a variety of note packages to get you started. The more notes you buy, the lower the cost. All of the packages include our basic note: a 6" x 4" card with up to 50 words placed in a horizontal kraft envelope. If you're looking for orders larger than 100, want to include additional items or use your own stationary, please e-mail us at support@thiscustomthanks.com for custom pricing.

5 Notes
$6 per note SEND TODAY
10 Notes
$5.50 per note SEND TODAY
50 Notes
$5 per note SEND TODAY
100 Notes
$4.75 per note SEND TODAY


  • 1. Are these notes really handwritten or is it a handwriting font written by robots?

    Our notes are 100% handwritten including the envelopes. We never use any handwriting fonts. Or robots. We're happy to send you a sample if you'd like.

  • 2. Aren’t these notes crazy expensive?

    All of our cards include the stationery, handwriting services, and postage. All for under the cost of a Hallmark card! The more notes you purchase at a time, the lower the price per card.

  • 3. Can you cater to both men's and women’s styles of handwriting?

    Most of our handwriting is unisex. For business notes, we suggest signing from "Your Team at [insert brand]" or "Your Friends at [insert brand]."

  • 4. What's the quality control to ensure good handwriting, spelling, grammar, etc?

    Our notes and envelopes are cross examined by 2-3 sets of eyes. Want to check our work? We can send pictures of notes if desired.

  • 5. So how does this work? Will I send you an email for each note?

    We know that time equals money, so we want to make things as painless and seamless as possible. Using our simple dashboard, you'll be able to buy cards and send notes within minutes. If it's easier, you can email us a CSV or Excel file and we'll take care of the rest!

  • 6. Wait, so we don't need to send you stationery?

    Nope, we have you covered. Our notes are written on 6" x 4" card stock and placed in a horizontal kraft envelope. If you'd like us to use your own stationery, no problem, we can arrange that. At a small additional charge, we can also include your business cards, coupon vouchers, or even gift cards. Feel free to reach out to support@thiscustomthanks.com for a custom solution.

  • 7. Is there a limit on the amount of words included in each note?

    Up to 50 words can be written in each note. If your note is longer, contact us at support@thiscustomthanks.com and we may be able to accommodate.

  • 8. So what can I use this for, anyway?

    In our busy lives, who doesn’t appreciate a handwritten note? We also have you covered for thank you notes, condolences, personal milestones, or just saying a quick hello. A handwritten envelope stands out among the piles of mail that arrives in our box every day. 

  • 9. Who is this service for?

    Custom handwritten notes are useful for anyone who wants to guarantee their note gets opened. People sift through piles of catalogues and junk mail every day, but no one tosses out a handwritten note. Everyone loves to get personal notes in the mail!

    Handwritten Business Notes: Many of our customers are businesses who want to thank their customers, develop new clients, or network with peers. Law firms, consulting firms, universities, associations -- we can help any business that has a client to thank, recognize, or solicit. Want corporate holiday cards that are hand signed, hand addressed, hand stamped and mailed? We’ve got you covered.

    Handwritten Notes for Life Events: Getting married? Having a baby? Sending holiday cards? Graduating? Life's big milestones are wonderful celebrations, but sending handwritten thanks to everyone can totally explode your to-do list. Don’t let the overwhelming task of writing thank you cards take away from your enjoyment. Let us take this one (big) thing off your list!